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We Are Made of Found Objects

16 April, 2016: We Are Made of Found Objects


by Joshua Romig


He is a makeshift scarecrow
filled with crumpled up first drafts
of love notes
kicked through cobwebs that linger
in the long forgotten corners
of old classrooms.

She is an island of kindling –
bits and pieces
of broken bottles, crumpled-up newspaper
and other things tossed out
into the ocean
forced to swim, wet
and freezing, forever gathering,
to form a huddled mass of leftovers
longing to be set on fire.

They are a collage of poorly taken polaroids
of strangers
in waiting rooms
with fingers knotted in prayer
or tedium –
held together by masking tape and pushpins
on a well-loved corkboard

I am a tightly sealed mason jar
full of captive fireflies,
pillbugs, caterpillars and moss
and not enough air holes in my lid.

I fear these things will die inside of me.

and you,
you, too, are a mason jar
but you are full of brightly colored
off-brand jellybeans
with a thick black question mark
painted on your face.

“We Are Made of Found Objects” by Joshua M. Romig, from We Are Made of Found Objects. Poet's Hall Press, 2015. Used by permission of the author.

Joshua Michael (JM) Romig was born and raised by Lake Erie in Ashtabula, Ohio. He was finalist a in the 2014 Writing Knights Grand Tournament. He is the author of We Are Made of Found Objects (Poet’s Hall Press, 2015) and Breakwall to Breakwall (Writing Knights Press, 2015). His work has been included in various literary journals and anthologies and he brings his unique brand of performance poetry to venues all over Northeast Ohio and Erie, Pennsylvania.


Write a poem of apology, sincere or sarcastic, to a person, a pet, or an inanimate object.

Join us for today’s program at 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. at the South Euclid-Lyndhurst Branch library, Giving Your Poems Voice.

JM Romig
I lost track of how many poems I've written about the lake, fireflies, and the Breakwall in the Harbor. No matter how far away I move from Ashtabula, it's still always in me. I'm working on a werid literary mosaic thing very much inspired by the Harbor in Ashtabula.

I am glad tounenjoyed it. I'll definitely go read your poem and comment.
4/16/2016 2:31:24 PM

kathleen d gallagher
Josh, I LOVE this poem. I, too, grew up in Ashtabula and I am writing a book about it. I am also a collage and assemblage artist, so I adore the theme in this poem. I wonder?---if there is something about living so near the water in such a unique Harbor town that makes us want to write about flotsam and jetsam----those things that floated up onto the Lake Shore beach, perhaps? Yes, I am made of found objects. Awesome poem! (My poem was the first on the list this month titled "To Bloom in Ashtabula"--Perhaps you will read and comment? Thanks. Enjoyed your writing!
4/16/2016 10:18:13 AM

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