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Climbed Steel

20 April, 2017: Climbed Steel


by Kristen Ban Drake
Climbed Steel
Train. An inland direction
Trained against the batter of blood ringed gristle
and trained rot, an open mixture of inland seas
and ingot, where battered trestle becomes her opening spine,
one other mixture of greyed flesh
and warm mealy wood.
Train. Inland direction in a roar of battered trestle,
where the tone of going opens her flesh
and the spine, exposed, gleams rings of soft pink blood,
trestled and tracked,
accepting the oncoming shatter
of swallowed steels
and warm steeled hooves.
Train. Trained against the oncoming batter,
her wounding clears,
an open mixture of broken wood & sealed direction,
trained against
the going of the motion
as if
there was no tomorrow
was the going of tomorrow,
as if
there was no tomorrow
was the going of the pain.
“Climbed Steel” by Kristen Ban Drake, from Cleveland Poetry Scenes. Bottom Dog Press, 2008. Used by permission of the author.
Kristen Ban Drake, a recipient of two Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Grants, was active in the early 1990s as a performance/slam poet and sound artist in the Cleveland area. After taking time off to concentrate on her family, work as an AV specialist for Shaker Heights Public Library and deepen her studies and practice in the BuddhaDharma, she has returned to the sound scene using voice, analog synthesizers and other electro-acoustic instruments in both solo and collaborative work with her husband, Bob Drake, and other artists in the current experimental/noise scene in Northeast Ohio.


Read the “missed connections” section of Craigslist and write a poem based on the most intriguing missed connection you find there.

Chantelle Brady
I find most of them
repulsive yuck!
never go to this
website! Ever!

I feel bad for
some lost
people commenting
on what could be
but usually never will

Does anyone read
They're disgusting
People can be foul
if they're not
Foul mouthed with a
foul personality!
4/24/2017 2:58:00 PM

Oh that aroma of pizza you deliver,
I can’t help myself but stare
Into your brown, hypnotic eyes.
When you spoke my name I melted,
Like the cheese on that divine pie.
A feeling overcame me,
I wanted to kiss your pizza-scented cheek.
But it is probably best, it is not to be
Forevermore….I will find other delivery.
4/23/2017 10:09:49 PM

N. K. Hasen
I’ll Buy Your House Today

Are you having trouble sell your house
I’ll buy your house today for cash

Can’t make your payments you can’t afford
I’ll buy your house today for cash

Need to sell your fast right now
I’ll buy your house today for cash

Did you have a divorce or no equity
I’ll buy your house today for cash

Or is your house simply having hard time selling
I’ll buy your house today for cash

Any reason not mention; we can help
I’ll buy your house today for cash
4/20/2017 4:20:03 PM

matt Miller
This Craiglist Idea is solid!
4/20/2017 10:19:01 AM

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