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For Being Adrift

18 April, 2017: For Being Adrift


by Amy Bracken Sparks
For Being Adrift
Unmoored. A lung. This boat.
Quick. Everybody switch dogs.
Something or other floats all
sighs. Unlunged. How can you lose
someone on an island? There is no
trembling before god here there is
no trembling at all. The cattle dog
herds ice floes away from the shore.
Keep after keep after it. Keep ever after
to oneself. Gulls scrape the sky while the sky
tries to decide. They maintain its irregular pinking
shear edge. What is this attraction to the border,
the horizontal snow? Should one keep to starboard
even though it’s one long circle around the lake?
“For Being Adrift” by Amy Bracken Sparks. © Amy Bracken Sparks, 2017. Used by permission of the author.
Cleveland poet Amy Bracken Sparks has two books of poems, Serious Red (Cleveland State University Poetry Center) and Queen of Cups (Burning Press), as well as poems in American Poetry Review, Barn Owl Review, Denver Quarterly, DMQ Review, Gargoyle, Harpur Palate, Hobble Creek Review, mirage period(ica), Nimrod, Pleiades, Southern Poetry Review, wicked alice, and other publications. She is the recipient of three Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Awards, holds an MFA from Kent State University and is a former slam poet.


Using your list from yesterday’s prompt (which was to write about a dance fad), write a poem explaining one of those fads to someone who was not alive at the time the fad was in vogue.

Egyptian Walk
In modern times you can see,
Ancient figures drawn so sketchedly.
Their pose is famous all through the land,
And was made even more so by an 80s band.

In their video you can see them groove,
And it caught on, everyone learned the move.
It’s real easy and real fun,
It’s walking like an Egyptian.

Put your left hand out , right hand on hip.
Take two steps to the left, sort of like a skip.
Switch hands now, two steps to the right,
Switch hands again and two steps to the left, alright.

Two spin steps to the right, hands out like holding plates,
Then feet together, wrists crossed and hands straight.
You’ve got it now, that’s what you do,
Groove like an Egyptian, man that’s cool.
4/22/2017 7:48:53 PM

Chantelle Brady
Teaching the Charleston

The Charleston
my friends is a fun
and uppity dance move
left foot forward
right foot tap forward
right foot back and
left foot tap back
Next you can add
swinging of the arms
matching foot movement
and heel pivots inwards
with each foot tap.
If you have a partner
you use opposing feet
in opposing directions
you can hold eachother
to start, but let go to add
swinging of the arms
Have a swinging time!
4/20/2017 4:11:25 PM

READ + WRITE: 30 Days of Poetry is a collaboration between Cuyahoga County Public Library and poet Diane Kendig. Our thanks go to Diane and the poets of Northeast Ohio who allowed us to share their poetry.