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Requisition 1040B

15 April, 2018: Requisition 1040B


by Richard M. O’Donnell

Requisition 1040B

Requisition 1040B:
Shrouds, pediatrics
White plastic
Leak proof

“Requisition 1040B” by Richard M. O’Donnell, from Special Watch. Crisis Chronicles Press, 2016. Used by permission of the author.
Richard M. O’Donnell, MFA, is the co-founder of the Oberlin Writers’ Group and MindFair Poets and the founder of the Infinite Monkey Sci-fi/Fantasy Writers group. His works have appeared in many venues, including a chapbook, Special Watch (Crisis Chronicles Press, 2016); a story collection on floppy disc, Rice Wine (Guernica Editions, 1984); and stories or poems in Every Day Fiction, Every Day Poets, A Long Story Short and North Coast Review, to name a few. The Ohio Arts Council has awarded him two Individual artist grants for his fiction.


Katerina Stoykova-Klemer has written, “Often I Wish I Were// a potato.// Eyes opened/ in all directions.” Begin a poem with “Often I wish I were” and complete the stanza with another fruit or vegetable. Your second line should describe what you would be like. Then see where that takes your poem.

James Lawless

Looking like he had eaten
suet all winter, the Robin
resembled the Dove more
than madam Red Breast.
The rabbit was a modest
adult, but still sizeable
compared with the bird.
The battleground was
the area under the feeder,
dotted whitely with safflower.
There were no actual
blows, but the two
feinted left and right,
punching the air between
them, without inflicting
damage but offering
fright one to the other.
While there was no
clear winner, my
money was on Peter.
He has bigger teeth,
if he could figure out
how to use them.

Jim Lawless
April 9, 2018
4/16/2018 7:43:12 AM

Often I wish I were
a strawberry
Bright and colorful
Seeds that go unnoticed

Dipped in chocolate
or part of a sweet relish

Thought of as summertime
and missed the winter

A ballplayer like Darryl
or layered on a shortcake

Mixed with mint to freshen breath before opening my mouth

Spoken of fresh and juicy
and not salty
4/15/2018 2:42:48 PM

N. K. Hasen
Enjoy Life With A Smile

Often I wish I were
a banana.

Mouth in a smile
every single day.

Enjoying the life
around me.

Traveling around the world
learning new cultures.

Do the things
I love to do.

Make an adventure
from my curiosity.

With a wide grin
on my face.

Instead of being parked
in with no place to go.
4/15/2018 10:28:51 AM

Enlightened in Eastlake
4/15/2018 9:50:35 AM

Nancy Vanderstein
What the heck is this poem about? Dead children?

Confused in Lakewood, Ohio.
4/15/2018 9:39:00 AM

READ + WRITE: 30 Days of Poetry is a collaboration between Cuyahoga County Public Library and poet Diane Kendig. Our thanks go to Diane and the poets of Northeast Ohio who allowed us to share their poetry.