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11 April, 2018: Samhain


by Kevin Eberhardt


The season whispers
Comfort into grateful
Ears its slow approach
Readies the senses for
The advent of emotion
Memory triggers a
Pavlovian response to
The change transplanting
Myself amidst the pagan
Rites of harvest that
Predate modern logic
I absolve myself of all
Reason & give way to
An autumnal fanfare
Observing the ways of
A wily moon
“Samhain” by Kevin Eberhardt, from Burnin’ Shadows. Crisis Chronicles Press, 2011. Used by permission of the author.

Kevin Eberhardt is a northern Ohio artist and poet whose art has appeared on many NightBallet Press covers and on his Facebook page. His poems have appeared in publications that include Artcrimes, The City Poetry, Deep Cleveland Junkmail Oracle, The Fuck Poetry Anthology, Ancient Heart Magazine Anthology, Cartier Street Review and the Buzzkill III: Apocalypse & Lipsmack poetry anthologies. He has two chapbooks with Dianne Borsenik’s NightBallet Press and one chapbook with John Burroughs’ Crisis Chronicles Press. His poems have also appeared in Richard Byerley’s photography book ACE London. He blogs at


Choose an arresting line of about 10 words from a favorite poet and make it the first line of your poem. Now make each word in that line a final word of the next 10 lines of your poem. Terrance Hayes devised this form, which he calls “a golden shovel,” to use with Gwendolyn Brooks’ poems.

These many poems --some that I like .. and some not so much, leave me with a question: WHAT MAKES IT A POEM.
4/12/2018 2:39:15 PM

james thomas lawless

Through the haze of darkening dusk,
the peignoir of pine shimmers softly
near the edge, the mirror of water,
we breathe riparian clouds, disappearing
into the silky, silent surfaces.

Jim Lawless
April 1, 2018

*translucently clear
4/12/2018 8:04:52 AM

Anthony Manna
Love "a golden shovel" form--for kids, too, to experiment.
4/11/2018 11:28:58 AM

N. K. Hasen
Moving In Day

One picture on each wall, not many things at all.
Just waiting for them to come at one
With boxes bounded and another wrapped picture
Once they come the game is on
To unpack every box each
And unwrap picture for the last wall.
Moving day is stressful is it not
Pile of boxes and the rest is too many
For me to try to unpack a few things
To try to do all one’s self which at
This time I can’t find others to help at all.
4/11/2018 10:46:50 AM

Great prompt. That's a form with which I was not familiar! Love it.
4/11/2018 9:41:53 AM

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