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Autocorrect Séance

22 April, 2019: Autocorrect Séance


Autocorrect Séance

by Brandon North
how do I know when to let you speak 
how do you know when to let me
that’s savvy but difficult 
evasion is key to language 
I wager the eye orchestra 
I feel it playing me 
you ebb genius 
thanks for the lie
authorities voice frustration 
“Autocorrect Séance” by Brandon North. Used by permission of the author.
Brandon North holds an MA in literature from Wright State University and an MFA from Cleveland State University through the Northeast Ohio MFA program. His recent work appears in Full Stop, Ghost Proposal, The Adroit Journal and The Bombay Gin. Follow him on Twitter.


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Grant that your life is different than mine
My future was your past
Do not look back
Focus ahead

Read the classics I read
Learn the lessons I did not
Embrace change
And the courage it requires

You'll be in my spot
But don't rush to get there
The one permanent truth
Is time is the most fleeting resource

Money means nothing
It's descent began when I was your age
Cars? Do you even know what they are?
Somehow neither the big 3 nor big banks destroyed your world

You were smart enough to stop them
By no longer placidly accepting
What was unacceptable
The world is still beautiful
And you are it's jewel
4/22/2019 9:33:00 PM

Laurie Kincer
Richard, please send your question via the "Contact Us" link on the library's home page. That way we have your email address and are able to reply. Thank you.
4/22/2019 10:58:32 AM

Richard A. Engel
If a submission is found to have a bit of rhyme or rhythm is it automatically disqualified for publication?
Do you print only works of previously published writers?
4/22/2019 10:39:00 AM

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