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Chinese Picture Jasper

17 April, 2019: Chinese Picture Jasper


Chinese Picture Jasper

by George Kaull
our memory
is a place
like chinese picture jasper
by chaos hands’
ecology dice
the red-maroon days
the mineral fields
of skeleton tree
& warm infinity sands
what luck we had then
the buffalo looked like ideas of buffalo
form black & soupy
drawing out division
of iron from ether
the red-maroon days
when we shared blood & bone with dust
below the black sun
“Chinese Picture Jasper” by George Kaull, from Corolla. Outlandish Press, 2018. Used by permission of the author.
George Kaull grew up west of Cleveland chasing shadows between trees. He has been writing since he was a boy. Pinned between a dice game and watching flowers grow, he marches counterclockwise through our grateful dead parking lot of a life always looking for the right way to tell you. He recently published his first chapbook, Corolla, with Outlandish Press. Follow him on Instagram.


Write an imaginative (not literal) poem on how to get to the place you wrote an ode about yesterday.

From spring to summer
You're a long walk or short drive away
The anticipation of open space
I know by heart
As summer fades through fall
And fall to winter
Green is in my mind
White land a grey sky
Make me long for you
Canopy of the green cathedral
4/17/2019 9:08:24 PM

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