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14 April, 2020: Beyond Cana

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Beyond Cana

by Jenny Clark

Young men stand dark and tall as rainwashed trees.
            Bridesmaids are columns of green like stems of lilies
about to bloom. The bride walking toward her waiting groom
            is a drift of light on the arm of her father.
All of us are dressed in our best as if life or death could come of it.
            Something old. Something new.
The groom has shaved his mohawk. The bride has painted
            her toenails blue.
We love the pure risk of it. Sitting empty in our pews
            like stone jars in the courtyard we wait to be filled.
“Beyond Cana” by Jenny Clark, from The Listening Eye. Kent State University, Geauga Campus. 1998. Used by permission of the author. 
Jenny Clark—teacher, poet, grandmother, nature lover—co-leads nature writing workshops once each season at Look About Lodge. You can find her the first Saturday of most months offering a journal class at Hamlet Village in Chagrin Falls. At sunrise each morning she walks beside a lake, looking, listening and discovering new delights. Her poems have appeared in small magazines, her pies have been welcomed to many tables, and her journals that explore questions you may never have thought to ask fill an entire closet.

Write a Poem

Write a narrative poem about learning to cook something from someone. Include a quote that the person said about cooking that has wider implications.
Cindy Lowrey
My Sweet Cookie

Sugar lands like thousands of tiny diamonds over butter in the mixer
Turning, turning in the Kitchen Aid, white powder coats the mixture
as I watch the magic of deliciousness form from separate pieces

This time I can do more
Our hands make spheres together, she and I
Make them small, consistent

Her hands move fast, repeating motion
Over and over
Then she pauses with disappointment

A knowing glance, no words

My tiny planets are too small, too large
My worlds are not meant to grow until fixed
I try again, not to create, but to copy

Again and again I try
Until my creations are like hers
Small and consistent

And I long for the days when I simply watched
as my hands move slow, repeating motion
over and over
4/16/2020 12:28:26 PM

Laurie Kincer
@Ann Hirschberg, the art work comes from stock images selected by the library's graphic designers. Thank you for reading!
4/15/2020 10:31:00 AM

Ann Hirschberg
This poem is appropriate for today. Please tell us who does the beautiful art work for us.
4/15/2020 9:47:21 AM

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