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24 April, 2020: Love Amoeba

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Love Amoeba

by Gregory Johnson

You took me under the belly of the ocean
cautious and undermined, with a dash of quiet.
You took me by this weathered hand
and lifted me into a new eternity.
You took me for a fool
and gave me eccentric wisdom.
You took me unto the altruistic sunset
and completed a performance which I did not understand.
You took me into the tornado
and wrapped me in warm blankets.
I was never wet.
You took me into submission
and displayed your furious empathy, wilting me.
You took the time
to show me everlasting unity and disarmed me with poise.
You took me away, I was a baby in all but age
and you gave me to the eternal mother.
You took me, paralyzed with slander
and you soothed me with kind word.
And when you can no longer walk
I will take you into the ending
and give you up to the big deal
and you will explode in stardust taken away
disintegrated and serene
into this new womb
and you will know the sound of the heartbeat.
So grab my finger and wait
to be taken.
“Love Amoeba” by Gregory Johnson, from Common Threads. 2019. Used by permission of the author.
Gregory Johnson was raised in Brook Park, Ohio, graduated from of Midpark High School, and  attended Cooper School of Art in Cleveland.  An active member of The Ohio Poetry Association, Johnson has been writing poetry and illustrating for over 40 years, and his poetry can be found on the websites Poetry Freak (under the moniker “Gregory54”) and on Hello Poetry (under the Pen Name G Alan Johnson). He resides in Willowick, Ohio with his wife Diane and his cat Lilly.

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Write a rhopalic poem of one or more stanzas, each stanza having as many (or few) lines as you wish, with as many words in a line as you wish (usually 3 or 4 words). Each line must start with a one-syllable word, then have a two-syllable word, then a three-syllable.... If you begin a new stanza, you begin again with one word.

Diane Kendig
Alexis, do you mean submit poems you have written in response to the prompt? The people who are posting them here, N.K. and Adam, have posted them in the comments box, as you posted this question.
4/25/2020 9:56:38 AM

I wander aimlessly
Through wooded countrysides.
What beauty flourishes!
Each blooming floweret
'Neath lofty canopies
Greets weary travelers
From distant locations.
The glory convinces
And compels slumberland.
I settle underneath
A placid conifer
And shutter eyelashes
For short-lived quiescence.
Dreams await!
4/25/2020 2:09:52 AM

Alexis Jones
I love the poetry submission. However, I can't find out how to submit the poetry. Yes, it explains what but no way to submit. Am I missing something?
4/24/2020 3:50:27 PM

N. K. Hasen
Write, reading
My very favorite
I enjoy
When downtime
4/24/2020 1:48:37 PM

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