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Rapture-Benjamin Moore #CC-66

13 April, 2020: Rapture-Benjamin Moore #CC-66

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Rapture-Benjamin Moore #CC-66

by DT Crea

I                          am
a      can of       paint
splatter me  on    the
walls    like    goat’s
blood    spilled     on
the altar    of     your
unquenchable  thirst
or      litter me    like
sentimental      ashes
but      I      have  not
died        and besides
I asked for a    burial
I’d  rather   you   not
set up  a stage at  my
funeral       and  I am
the curtain  you draw
back      to    perform
your            soliloquy
entitled  “Eulogy   to
All     I    Have Lost”
I’m                   sorry  
I  dried  and cracked
when you left my lid
open    and then      I
crumbled obstinately
when  you     tried to
mold   me      in your
image     but  I  don’t
believe    the freshest
batch of  play-doh  in
all  the world    could
hold   your image it’s
too abstract  too void
too                 nothing

"Rapture- Benjamin Moore #CC-66"  by DT McCrea, from Rubbertop Review Volume 9: Writing the Body. 2017.  Used with permission of the author.

DT McCrea is a trans, anarchist poet living in Akron Ohio. Their work can be found at Honey and Lime and Taco Bell Quarterly. In their free time DT enjoys contemplating the nature of the universe and plotting the downfall of capitalism. Follow them on Twitter @dtmccrea.

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Write a poem that is not about technology at all but uses as many of these 10 technology terms as you can: bot, web, cookie, link, drive, control, scroll, caps lock, homepage, and app.

Diane Kendig
Love these three poems!
4/16/2020 10:50:34 AM


caps locked on our heads
scrolling down the street
feet flying, swinging, linking instances
control the drive, the hop, the beat

we string a web over the cement
sharp curves and arcs of heat
dogs app-yapping at our streak
this is our homepage on the home front
no turning back now
this bot is in our blood

—in our parents’ before us
—in our children’s after us

we who sing the praises of the city
we who know each neighbor by name
we who rule this cookie-lined street
we dance ’til we drop
4/14/2020 2:01:15 PM

N. K. Hasen
I drive to a farm
Out in middle of nowhere
I eat my cookie along the way
I stop the car to walk
Went under chain link fence
Saw a bot on a nearby leaf
Didn’t see where I was going
Step myself in a spider’s web
I left nature back to my car
I will never control nature if I could
I scroll the books tiles on my paper
Couldn’t wait till I got to farm
I took the caps lock off the cruise
Continue driving to the farm
That was my homepage destination
I got there in time for the app (appetizer)
4/13/2020 6:47:40 PM

Mary Dengler
Those homemade chocolate chip cookies
You know, the family recipe
Wink, wink
That comes from the back of the chocolate chip container

Though not in control of the original recipe
It is a link to the family web with my mother and sister
Taking me back to the homepage of life
4/13/2020 4:50:32 PM

READ + WRITE: 30 Days of Poetry is a collaboration between Cuyahoga County Public Library and poet Diane Kendig. Our thanks go to Diane and the poets of Northeast Ohio who allowed us to share their poetry.