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Something About the Pink Sky

21 April, 2020: Something About the Pink Sky

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Something About the Pink Sky

by Kevin Latimer

i am jotting down my sins on pink paper cranes.
i write them in pen. shameful things: i loved a man
once. my mother says, there is something wrong
with a boy who won’t finish his dinner before his dessert.
i always give into temptation: the chocolate in the pantry,
this poem, me. i am alive or i am dead depending on my closeness
to the sun: too close & i bubble up; my skin bursting at the nerve-seams.
& it is here that i see the meaning of salvation: millions of us walking
in the desert, cranes cupped in our hands. then at once, we open them.
in the sky: something pink & orange & paper.
“Something About The Pink Sky” by Kevin Latimer, from jubilat  issue 36. December, 2019. Used by permission of the author.
Kevin Latimer is a poet from Cleveland, Ohio. He is the Editor in Chief of BARNHOUSE Journal.

Write a Poem

Begin a poem with this phrase: "It's too hot to think much about...." For hot, you may substitute cold or wet.

Carol Lindblom
Well done - just right for my husband’s mood today
4/23/2020 10:19:37 AM

Geoffrey Landis
It's too hot to think much about
but some people think of nothing else,
talk about nothing else.
Maybe it's too hot to not think about revolution.
In the humid night
a molotov cocktail,
would light up the night cheerfully;
a burning car,
would just add that much more
to the oppressive heat.
4/22/2020 8:13:14 PM

Cathy Barber
Beautiful poem. Compelling throughout.
4/22/2020 9:11:38 AM

It's too hot to think much about anything.
Too sweltering to think about schoolwork.
Too torrid to think about talking.
Too fiery to think about fashion.
Too excruciating to think about eating.
Too agonizing to think about appointments.
Too chafing to think about chores.
Too miserable to think about moving.
It's too hot to think much at all.
4/22/2020 12:59:49 AM

N. K. Hasen
It’s Too Wet To Think Much About

It’s too wet to think much about
What my plans are going to be today.
Dreary, damp to go outside.
Wetness makes me want to just sleep.
Sleep until the wetness disappear.
Then I would be more focus to think.
For I think better when sun is shining outside.
4/21/2020 9:51:15 AM

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