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Sonnet 4 / A Prayer For Our Son

08 April, 2020: Sonnet 4 / A Prayer For Our Son

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Sonnet 4 / A Prayer For Our Son

by Paddy Raghunathan

Which parent do you now resemble most?
Son, you’re remarkable and beautiful:
Sharp features make your yearning father boast
And claim your likeness to himself in full;
Resemblance evidently is short-lived,
And by-and-by your qualities transform:
Your mother’s disposition is revived
In you—you now possess her grace and charm.
Will come a day you grow into a man,
And should it matter hence who you’ll take after?
Stay honest—do the very best you can,
But always trust that you can do one better.
            Face life and what it brings naturally:
            You must be you, the best you you can be.
“Sonnet 4 / A Prayer For Our Son,” by Paddy Raghunathan from Common Threads 2019.  Used by permission of the author.
Paddy Raghunathan is an IT Project Manager who holds a BS in Mathematics, an MS in Computer Science, and an MBA from Bowling Green State University.  He became fascinated with metered English poetry in the late ’90s, and, after a ten year hiatus, began writing poetry again.  His poems have been published in Time Of Singing (Fall 2016, Winter 2018 and 2019), Common Threads (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019), and A Rustling and Waking Within, an ekphrastic anthology published by the Ohio Poetry Association).  He resides with his wife and son in Solon, Ohio.

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