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The Only Technology Worth Saving

12 April, 2020: The Only Technology Worth Saving

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The Only Technology Worth Saving

by Jason Harris

the only technology worth saving is language
i only want to talk about love
at a time like this. for example:
what a trick god played when she said
let there be light and there was light.
what a trick god plays when she breaks
open the firmament and sunlight topples
the earth. strikes its yellow hand upon the spotted
coat of a snow leopard. its claws pierced
through the furred body of a pika
as i sit safely within the last discerning moment
of the world, within the last discerning moment
of this poem about the sun calling forth the night
we were alone in a room with nobody else in it
and woke to the sun alone in a room
trying to save the only thing worth saving

"the only technology worth saving" by Jason Harris, from Foundry Journal. Issue 11. Used by permission of the author.
Jason Harris is an educator, poet, NEOMFA candidate, and Watering Hole Fellow. His work has appeared in Wildness Journal, Winter Tangerine, Foundry Journal, The Bind, Tinderbox Poetry Journal. His Twitter handle is: @j_harriswrites

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Gina T.
My youth is a stranger.
I have seen the sun.
Your guile and passion seem...
4/12/2020 8:17:44 PM

Geoffrey A. Landis
...and the artsexperiment gave me the couplet (for the prompt word "fireflies"):
A firefly which sits upon the sea,
Happy sailors, beautiful and beautiful,
4/12/2020 2:56:21 PM

Geoffrey A. Landis
Language is a technology
that we tinker with,
try to make work,
like an old Model-T with a radiator that overheats
and a bad connection somewhere,
maybe between the 3/8-16 terminal bolt and internal busbar;
something we keep tinkering with
hoping we can get it to keep on working.

Language is a technology
that we tinker with,
something some clever ape-man invented
about the time some other clever ape
invented fire.
We couldn't live without it, now,
couldn't even think what life would be like,
even though sometimes it burns,
sometimes it even ignites the whole forest,
leaving nothing but char.
Words are like that.

Language is a technology
that we try to make work,
a poor tool,
inadequate for what we want to do
but it's what we got.
Sometimes we try to improve it,
like adding a turbocharger and fuel injection
to that old Model T 4-banger,
but it just overheats faster now.
Those fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror
were a nice addition, though.

Language is a technology.
We use it to build our world.
Or to tear it down.
4/12/2020 2:50:49 PM

Robert Berner
If technology bypasses language,
the linguists will be left behind
like so many Model Ts
in the junkyards of academe.
4/12/2020 11:02:15 AM

N. K. Hasen
Here what the Google Poem Portrait generated when I type in death.

A death of the stars whence they lie down,
My fake strange steps the weight.
4/12/2020 9:02:58 AM

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