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The World Is Waiting For a Repairman

06 April, 2020: The World Is Waiting For a Repairman

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The World Is Waiting For a Repairman

by Robert Beveridge

“I am the sorrowful wolf,/pretty one, at your service.”
                                    —Rene Char, “The Clear-Seeing”
Campfire, and rest. The hunters
cook the daily kill, three quail
and two rabbit, stir a roux
for the animals' haunches.
When the stranger approaches
they invite him to sit,
share their repast. He eats,
then smiles, touches
their foreheads, walks
into the woods.
Each, at death,
remembers this moment.
The girl, not yet of marrying
age, comes to the door. He
is young, yet bearded, arms
strong, perhaps from handling
cordwood, or the hammer
on the anvil. His eyes
are gold, like his hair,
and she blushes to match
her tattered dress.
He proposes, she declines.
Old, warped hag travels
through towns, selling trinkets
and telling fortunes. Townspeople
shun her when the neighbors are looking
but get their fortunes told
at night, windows shuttered.
Thus she makes her way
in the world.
After he died he returned
to his hometown. The streets
were deserted, but his disciples
had met in the greatroom
of the local temple
to mourn him, discuss his death.
They could not see him; he tried
to place his hand upon one's shoulder,
but it passed through.
“The World Is Waiting for a Repairman” by Robert Beveridge, from Windhover #8, January 2004. University of Mary Hardin-BaylorPress. Used by permission of the author.

Robert Beveridge (he/him) makes noise ( and writes poetry in Akron, Ohio. November 2018 marked the thirtieth anniversary of his first appearance in a national market, and since then he has published over 1,250 pieces in markets around the world, including such journals as Modern Haiku, New York Quarterly, and Chiron Review. When not working on written or sonic art, he can usually be found adulterating recipes in the kitchen or continuing his lifelong quest to discover the best worst movies ever made. Recent/upcoming works appear in Exhume, Blood and Bourbon, and Veil: A Journal of Darker Musings, among others.

Write a Poem

Write an affirmation poem as a list of statements you can affirm today, for yourself, to be true, supportive, and encouraging. For a model, look up Donald Hall's poem "Affirmation."
B Pope
The thing that makes us feel alone
is the thing that connects us all
we are all the same
no one is immune
makes one think
we are all one race
one human race
racing for a cure
and finding it is sure
one race searching
all together striving
no one to blame
we are all the same
we are all the same
same disease
same cure
one race is pure
4/9/2020 4:28:59 PM

N. K. Hasen
Be creative in your hobbies
Open your imagination to anything
Write what love to write
Through stories, poems
And let the words just flow
You can always fix them later
Do anything you put your mind too
Don’t worry about what others think
Keep learning you will find the path
Something new is always around the corner
Just at the chance to take it now
4/6/2020 10:11:44 AM

READ + WRITE: 30 Days of Poetry is a collaboration between Cuyahoga County Public Library and poet Diane Kendig. Our thanks go to Diane and the poets of Northeast Ohio who allowed us to share their poetry.