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Frost Smoke

26 April, 2021: Frost Smoke

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Frost Smoke

By Jeremy Proehl

deer step through frost smoke

forage, taut skin over ribs

ice falling splashes
“Frost Smoke” by Jeremy Proehl. Copyright Jeremy Proehl 2018. Used by permission of the author.
Jeremy Proehl’s poems have appeared in anthologies such as Edith Chase Symposium, Hessler Street Fair, and the Bread Loaf Writers Conference newspaper. He participates in the Cleveland poetry scene and enjoys reading at open mics, and he has attended the biennial Dodge Poetry Festival, several Bread Loaf Writers Conferences, the Lost Lake Writers Retreat and other poetry workshops. His blog was mentioned by Dan Chiasson in The New Yorker (September 2019). Proehl works in the garage-door industry and likes to escape with his wife and their two Labradors to their Michigan cabin occasionally. Connect with him on Twitter: @JPWriter12 and on Facebook at

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Write a poem about one of your daily rituals such as prayer, meditation, coffee-making, setting an alarm, planning the day, feeding a pet.
Julie Farr
Ruchi your poem transported me beautiful ❤️
4/30/2021 7:09:35 PM

Nice one Jeremy! Nothing says early spring like "taut skin or ribs", the hungry time of year...
4/27/2021 3:02:52 PM

Sierra Polsinelli
Where’s the Coffee?

it comes so early.
Hear the alarm
up, UP
Good morning Trudie!
Pulling on my clothes,
down the stairs,
dogs out,
clean up after them.

Roll the yoga mat out.
Do the routine.
It wakes me up.
Ah ... that’s better.

Now to the kitchen
Get out the filter
grind the coffee
Turn on the kettle
to boil the water.
Begin Tai Chi warm up.
Pour the water
Do the Qigong
Pour the water
Do the Form
Pour the water.

PT for the shoulder
Core lifts for the

Coffee’s ready.
Now I can relax.
4/26/2021 9:11:05 PM

Ruchi Chopra
A cup of Tea

Nestled in the lesser Himalayas is the
Darjeeling City famous for its tea
scenic landscape, rich soil & heritage
clouds stretching their misty mornings’ arms
Songs of native birds warbling to the mighty mountains
Tea leaves pickers ready for their morning shifts to nudge
the foamy leaves from their slumber
A famous spiced tea comes from there
When I brew this tea every morning
the aroma transcends the boundaries
I commune with the world & my heritage
I remember how my Nana used to brew a
Cup of Darjeeling tea every evening for my grandpa
with a dash of lemon, honey & pepper
For me, brewing tea is a story, a meditation in itself
Recipe for how to brew & cook a cup of tea
passed to me from four generations- an heirloom
When I drink this tea every morning
I’m home.

Written by Ruchi Chopra, April 26, 2021.
4/26/2021 5:21:21 PM

POEM DAY 26 Write a poem about one of your daily rituals such as prayer, meditation, coffee-making, setting an alarm, planning the day, feeding a pet.

5: 00 A. M Meditations

(A Synchronicity poem)

light as meditation. so what?
centre. matters of body. and?

chair, window; rose-climbing. the sky?
west, exactly left; nowhere. moon?
stones. rocks.

curtains. yes, that’s right. openings?
east, sharp right. Keep going. endless?

corners. cupboard empty. reaching?
cloudy. no matter. intercede?

rooms as belonging. wonder. me?
tree near the doorway. aperture?
a leaf.

elders. morning fades away. death?
fingers at night. make her stay. ache!

the poem written in air. no?
written with water? why bother?

so. light, centre, sky; body. moons?
place, route, song, focus; paper-thoughts?

© Tovli 2021
4/26/2021 2:24:40 PM

Bill Ritz
Maintenance Rituals

Daily grooming:
Oh, I want to do it with frequency,
but mostly for the after-effects.
Shaving my face, an erotic experience not,
but my reflection more pleasing afterwards.
Showering and washing hair:
maintenance that satisfies most after completion.
Drying and combing hair into place,
another ritual where final results matter most.
Do all maintenance rituals depend on an end?
Mowing the lawn was never fun,
but I enjoyed the results afterward.
Voluntary, because I want to.
Performance leading to reward:
Where have I heard that before?
4/26/2021 2:21:25 PM

There is a crown place on the ground
No sound will stir
No hand to grasp
No mind to move
Just space and the past
4/26/2021 12:50:42 PM

re: Frost Smoke Stoken! Totally awesome of the best!
4/26/2021 12:08:57 PM

Tim Richards
Misty morning and I see them now. I remember when we critiqued this poem in Tremont.
4/26/2021 11:49:06 AM

Mary M Chadbourne
Simplicity and beauty. Thank you . . .
4/26/2021 10:03:42 AM

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