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All Things John Stickney
Cleveland poet John Stickney has written a great “found” poem based on the result of Googling his own name.
If We Are Sisters
Mary Grimm says of this collaboration, “Susan’s part of the poem was written maybe as much as two years before my part in a letter she wrote to me after our parents died. I remember when I read it thinking that it was as lucid and bright and image-ful as her poetry. And I kept it in mind that I wanted to answer it somehow, or do something with it.” Two years later, Mary did. They refer to it as “a kind of call and response that tries to express something of our pain during that time, and the ways we tried to deal with it.”
What does today's poet, John Gabel, have in common with Ted Kooser and Wallace Stevens? They all worked in some aspect of the insurance business. The title of Gabel's poem "oex" refers to the formula for life expectancy.
Asked about her poem and her roots, Lynn Powell writes, “My heritage is Welsh on my dad's side (Powell), but the family has been in this country a long time, so there's no memory of the Welsh experience.  I went to Wales with my family in 2003, though, and everyone looked like my cousins!
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