Akron After a Spring Rain

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Akron After a Spring Rain

Akron After a Spring Rain

"This is April in the Midwest" the poet says, and we confess to loving it, too.

"Akron After a Spring Rain" by Elton Glaser

The air comes clean, stone-scrubbed and rough, a sea air
Without the salt. And the daffodils,
Their color blunt as butter substitute,
Bang their heads on the breeze—
Even Wordsworth can’t ruin them for me now.

Look around. Everything’s on the brink, or just beyond—
Dogwoods wet in their dark bark; big drops
Sliding from the fringe of evergreens;
Saucer magnolia deep in its cups;
A spasm of crabs, and maples sticky with foetal leaves.

All down the walkway, the bricks glistening, the day
Still chill enough to let me know
This is April in the Midwest,
I rub my tired sight
Against the sway of tulips, redheads sultry in the sun.

And then the rain again, racing over me, and gone—
Blue in the sudden pools, a thin river
Between my feet. The afternoon plays
Good cop, bad cop, till I confess
There’s something I love even in this slippery spring.

"Akron After a Spring Rain" by Elton Glaser from Pelican Tracks. Southern Illinois University Press, 2003. Used with permission of the author.

Elton Glaser has published eight full-length collections of poetry, two of them in 2013: Translations From the Flesh (Pittsburgh) and The Law of Falling Bodies (Arkansas), winner of the Miller Williams Arkansas Poetry Prize. His poems have appeared in three editions of The Best American Poetry, and he has won a Pushcart Prize.