All Things John Stickney

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All Things John Stickney

All Things John Stickney

Cleveland poet John Stickney has written a great “found” poem based on the result of Googling his own name.

"All Things John Stickney" by John Stickney

Fitness expert John Stickney says, "Princess Diana is in excellent shape." Stickney summarizes, "We reckon she spends $1200 a month, not including her gym membership." Stickney says she goes to an acupuncturist, an osteopath, and aromatherapy.

Now, John Stickney, an electrochemist at the University of Georgia, has developed a technique that may make it possible to electrodeposit materials for a wide variety of electronic devices such as the lasers in compact discs, heat seeking missiles and night vision goggles.

A two-vehicle accident one mile south of Culdesac Friday afternoon resulted in minor injuries for one man, identified as John Stickney, an Idaho State Police dispatcher said. John Stickney, a passenger in Richard Benjamin Chaney's 1974 Ford pickup truck, received minor injuries. He was not taken to a hospital.

A $5000 artist fellowship was awarded to self-described poet John Stickney.

The only people admitted are Gompers seventh- and eighth-graders who have displayed exceptional brilliance, says government teacher John Stickney. Stickney said he uses current events to motivate and stimulate his students. He likes it when they ask him questions about current events.

Busco-Nestor-Diego Studios were sold to Bart Stein of Visual Services NetWare, a former competitor. Boyd Anderson Silver Studios of El Cajon was sold to a longtime employee there, John Stickney.

How does Stickney know? Because, he noted, "Vice Principal Greg Natt is taking my class so I can talk to you."

Fifteen year old John Stickney said he misses that kind of parental involvement in his classrooms at Dixie Hollins High in Meadville. "In elementary school, I remember a lot of volunteers coming in and helping us out," said Stickney, the son of Penny Stickney. "If there were some volunteers in the classes at Dixie now, I'm sure I could pull in some better grades."

"The big boats have had the river to themselves for years and now that there are new uses, they don't know how to deal with it," said John Stickney, a lawyer representing riverside property owners.

"What is at issue here is the character of the rink as it was, is and will be," said one of the hockey players, John Stickney.  "If it gets too fancy, it will lose its threadbare spirit."

Mr. John Stickney said he contacted a number of national education associations, college professors and educational analysts to compile his list of best buys in education. 

"It was one of the things that surfaced early on and kept resurfacing," John Stickney said. The Hondurans were "very cordial people." The most dangerous thing was "driving on the highways."

A high school dropout, John Stickney is an acute and unsparing miniaturist.

Staff Sgt. John Stickney of Hillsboro said, "We got a lot of good training."

Authorities say that an explosion in a Central State University dormitory killed 18-year-old John Stickney. The incident stemmed from a broken relationship between him and a female resident. Five other people were injured in the blast caused by the dynamite bomb Stickney was carrying.

For the last five years, John Stickney has been experimenting with ways to alternately electrodeposit one-atom-thick layers of two or more elements in a 1-to-1 ratio to form a compound. This method will replace the traditional crystal structures currently employed, Stickney said. 

Bruce Larva and John Stickney, 4778 St. Joseph Ave., Celina. Tucked into six wooden acres is this Alpine gothic garden. Unusual evergreens shelter wildlife and enhance the Swiss ambiance of this woodland setting. A fern grotto and concealed gazebo are special treats.

A popular tale told of Judge John Stickney, who died of typhoid fever and was laid to rest in the Protestant burial grounds near City Gate. Because he was a widower, his daughters went to live with a friend and associate, Judge Long, in Washington. After Judge Long died, the girls decided that they wanted their father to be buried next to him in D.C. To make a long story short: During the exhumation, two drunks stole Stickney's gold teeth. Many people have reported seeing Stickney roaming about the cemetery as if searching for something. Perhaps his teeth or the scoundrels that made off with them?

John Stickney, marketing-communication manager for the syndicate, said the first one will be distributed April 15.

"I honestly don't believe that the central administration and the School Board care for me as an educator, said Red Hawk Middle School teacher John Stickney, a 32-year teacher. "I don't question their motives. I don't question their integrity," Stickney said of the Board members. "I do question their knowledge of education. They're getting second-, third- and fourth-hand information and making decisions based on that."

The more successful the column, the more money she can make, John Stickney added. "This woman is fascinating and the world is fascinated by her," he said.

Sen. Carl Levin, middle, gets a high five from 3-year-old John Stickney of Maple Oak on Election Day.  Levin and his brother, Rep. Sander Levin, left both faced Republican challengers.

John Stickney, a fifth-grader at Bulkton Elementary School, watched the presidential debates, studied the issues and when it came time to cast his ballot in the mock election, he made up his own mind without being influenced by adults.  "I voted for Bill Clinton because I know he can keep his promise to try and find everyone a job," the 10-year-old said confidently.  "He's honest."

"All Things John Stickney" by John Stickney. Used with permission of the author.

 It is my purpose as John Stickney to be transparent; I know my John Stickney mind will inevitably color the John Stickney poem. As a beginning John Stickney myself, I find that the whole John Stickney tale is elusive, the images arrive like little shards of mirror broken by John Stickney.