The Farm When I Was Five

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The Farm When I Was Five

The Farm When I Was Five

Grace Butcher’s poem is a rememory.

"The Farm When I Was Five" by Grace Butcher

The most magic thing
was the pump in the backyard.
And a dipper to drink from.
For a long time the pump
was as tall as I was
and I used to make it do its magic
even when I wasn’t thirsty.

The sound of the water
coming up from a dark somewhere
was a hollow roaring noise
that broke suddenly loose
and splashed a crystalline miracle
on the darkening cement.

Grandma always said,
“Stop wasting the water!”

I didn’t waste it, Grandma.
There is this poem.

“The Farm When I Was Five” by Grace Butcher from Before I Go Out on the Road. Cleveland State Poetry Center 1979. Used with permission of the author.

Grace Butcher is the author of six books of poetry,  including Grace Butcher: Greatest Hits 1965-2000,  and Child, House, World, for which she was awarded the Ohio Poet of the Year 1992. A professor emerita from the Kent State University-Geauga campus where she taught English for 25 years, Butcher is a lifelong runner, horsewoman, and actress.