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Benefits of Geauga County

05 April, 2016: Benefits of Geauga County


by Steve Brightman

Benefits of Geauga County

I fell asleep before
the 11:00 news and stayed
on the couch until the dog
woke me up at 2:30 a.m.

I took eight groggy steps
to the sliding glass door
and realized that
I had to go, too.

If I were living in Lyndhurst
or Columbus or Massillon,
it would have never
entered my mind.

But I don’t live in Lyndhurst
or Columbus or Massillon.
I live where I can hear
the seasons change.

Where the dog and I
can go outside, side by side,
and strain to hear fall
creeping up on summer.

“Benefits of Geauga County” by Steve Brightman from I Have My Own Song for It: Modern Poems of Ohio. The University of Akron Press, 2002. Used by permission of the author.

Steve Brightman lives in Akron, Ohio. He firmly believes that there are only two seasons: winter and baseball. His book, The Wild Gospel of Careening and Other Sermons From the Rumble Strip, was released by Red Orchid Publishing in 2015, and he has been working on a follow-up, tentatively titled The Triptych Where I Was Born. Brightman's webpage



Choose a flower, a bird, or tree and write a poem that compares it to 10 other things that are not flower, bird, or tree.

I wont to write a poetry
4/6/2016 7:27:42 PM

Psyche North Torok

Midnight wind: you call to me.
Battle crier: you cry for me.
Bag lady: you salvage me.
Caped superhero: you deliver me.
Defiant musketeer: you ransom me.
Champion of the wild: you free me.
Guardian at the gate: you challenge me.
Mystic sorcerer: you bewitch me.
Dark trickster: you fly into my dreams.
Soothsayer: you speak my truth.

©2016 Psyche North Torok
4/5/2016 9:51:40 PM

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