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Block Boys

09 April, 2016: Block Boys


by Kisha Nicole Foster


Young men on corners
standing on curbsides lanky
sitting on stops sullen
embedding life situations within
listening to deaf ears
pulling belt straps loose
grabbing guns with right
holding victims in left
looking at manhood stoic
never looking down stupid
pride in heart clutching
sacrificing all those loved
even the mothers birthed
sacrificing futures wrongly untold
not wanting to learn
not wanting to live
only trying to survive
as any man brother
killing selfish envy greed
for money my brother
Four words for a sentence
four words a sentence
a sending messages away
ascending into darker levels
loving the streets highly
hating JESUS daily JESUS
repetitive speeches repeating repetition
all things above beautiful
falsely proclaiming unwanted death
selling drugs is bad
selling pussy is horrible
Young men on corners
dare to grow up
don’t want adulthood hood
beat it bitch hoe
words inflict violent actions
people kill people useless
love overpowers drug money
corrupt politicians glutton money
green credit card plastic
blue purple sun gummy
not listening to suggestions static
somedays young men breathe
honoring all those past
searching for a new
leaning towards positive fast
reaching arms in air
raising to the father
completing words fast stutter
completing paragraphs mouths mutter
pitter putter peanut butter
steaks potatoes greens dessert
the earth fell once
down in the depths
of hell never appearing
glimpse of new days
when young men stood
proud to be a
man to a woman
all ye lands JESUS
giving his love back
not wanting a return
give the love back please
for those who are not fire
born into the depths of hell (no) return.

“Block Boys” by Kisha Nicole Foster from Cleveland Poetry Scenes. Bottom Dog Press, 2008. Used by permission of the author.

Kisha Nicole Foster – poet, educator, coach and mentor – has been performing on stages and in classrooms for 16 years, having started her career fresh out of high school. Born in Germany and raised between New Jersey and Cleveland as an only child of a single mother, Kisha started slamming in national poetry competitions at the age of 23. Deepcleveland calls her style “a hybrid … of the academic … marrie[d] to the raw: uncompromising street poetry of the Hip Hop generation.” She has published several chapbooks, and her book Poems: 1999 – 2014 was published in 2015 on Guide to Kulchur’s “Vanguard Series.”


Write a poem about your attachment to (or detachment from) an electronic device.

kisha nicole foster
Thank you mama and Pastor for commenting...I'm still in awe that they put this up! My poetry has came a long way. Giving thanks!! Love you both!
4/12/2016 8:53:41 AM

Thanks Diane, Kisha is very humble that you chose her poem Thanks.
4/11/2016 12:40:21 PM

Courtney Clayton Jenkins
Wow! Wow! Wow! Outstanding. Powerful. Thought provoking. Challenging. Thank you for this gift. #ProudPastor
4/9/2016 9:18:14 PM

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