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Right Before Our Eyes

27 April, 2016: Right Before Our Eyes


by Rikki Santer

Right Before Our Eyes

                 after Edward Hopper
It’s not about pant pleats, teapots,
            painted fingernails, books—
            or small universes of isolation and longing
Or about meticulous transcription:
            the pivot of a dusk,
            the blink open of an interior’s fluorescence—
            or a life’s collection of windows
            simultaneously endorsing entry and escape.
It is about angles living lives of their own:
            the dying of places and people,
            right before our eyes,
            re-emerging as envoys
            to carry messages
            of pure color
            pure light.

“Right Before Our Eyes” by Rikki Santer from Fishing for Rabbits. Kattywompus Press, 2013. Used by permission of the author.

Rikki Santer worked as a poet-in-the-schools, as well as co-founder and managing editor of The Cleveland Edition. She earned an MA in journalism from Kent State University and an MFA in creative writing from The Ohio State University. Her work has won many honors, including the “Best of Ohio Writer” Contest sponsored by the Poets’ & Writers’ League of Greater Cleveland, a 2016 Pushcart nomination, and a National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship. She currently teaches literature, writing, and film studies in Columbus. Her four published poetry collections are: Front Nine (Kalupi Press, 2005); Kahiki Redux (2012); Clothesline Logic (Pudding House Press, 2009); and Fishing for Rabbits (Kattywompus Press, 2013). Poet's website


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