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Vermis Equinox

23 April, 2016: Vermis Equinox


by Barbara Sabol

Vermis Equinox

It’s not air or escape
from saturated digs,
so much as the impulse
toward creation that lures
the earthworm back above
ground – the flaccid grass slick
as a just-born, under
the last few shards of snow.
Worth risking the robin’s
beak, the groundhog’s grubby
clutch, is the writhe along
the length of its see-through
segments, each link purpose-
driven: one to burrow,
one to digest, and two
to ooze out a cocoon.
Either way, for breath or
love (blind to the difference),
they shimmy up, powered
by five miniscule hearts.
Each muscled ring a clause
dependent on the next:
God’s first articulate
terrestrial sentence.

"Vermis Equinox" by Barbara Sabol from Original Ruse. Accents Publishing, 2011. Used by permission of the author.
Barbara Sabol is the author of two poetry chapbooks, Original Ruse (Accents Publishing, 2011) and The Distance Between Blues (Finishing Line Press, 2012). Her work has most recently appeared in The Examined Life, San Pedro River Review, Ekphrasis, Common Ground Review, Pentimento, Chrysanthemum, and Modern Haiku, and anthologies. Barbara holds an MFA from Spalding University. In 2014, she won the Jean Irion Prize in Poetry. A reviewer of poetry in the blog Poetry Matters, she is a speech therapist who lives and works in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, with her husband and wonder dogs.



Take a newspaper or magazine and rip (do not cut) one word from each page up to ten pages. Put the words in a container and draw them out one at a time, arranging them in the order of the draw. Now write a poem using the words in that order, but adding other words as you wish.

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