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12 April, 2017: Anniversary


by Heather Ann Schmidt
An empty sienna field stands on Russia Road
in January rain
as if a film from the thirties decided to dapple in earth colors
but went back to the original
and we could stand there because I can go anywhere with you
A bird’s wing has fallen
and the paper you have written on is flying away
so I gather pieces and bring them back to you
and you begin to speak the words
and I want you to remember that I swallow more
when I see your eyes
and you see mine
and, yes, my hands are younger
but yours hold more—they surround my fingers
and we hear the music together
and walk in that direction
I hear your small gasps as you sleep and the pattern
of your voice and it is a song I want to replay
I believe that the window that never opened in your old apartment
and the door on my old house that never locked
can close again
All we can do is let the next person that lives there figure it out
“Anniversary” by Heather Ann Schmidt from Cheap and Easy: Crisis Chronicle #44, 2013. Used by permission of the author.
Heather Ann Schmidt received her MFA from National University and has taught writing for a number of higher learning institutions. A fine singer and visual artist, she also edits the tinfoildresses poetry journal and is the founding editor of Recycled Karma Press. Her previous books include Batik (NightBallet Press, 2012), Transient Angels (Crisis Chronicles 2011), On Recalling Life Through the Eye of the Needle (Village Green, 2011), Channeling Isadora Duncan (Gold Wake, 2009) and The Bat’s Love Song: American Haiku (Crisis Chronicles, 2009).


Write a poem on one of the heavenly virtues (prudence, justice, temperance, faith, hope or love), which may or may not relate to yesterday’s prompt on deadly sins.

Chantelle Brady
I love you
I love me
I love my friends and family
I love my cat, Suzy
I love books
I love learning
I love College
I love my job
I love ♥s
I love purple
I love pasta
I love God
I love sleep
and relaxing
like a sloth
I love ... love
4/20/2017 2:19:57 PM

Justice is loved in the affairs of others
Scourged when it doesn't benefit us
Takes a stand; partial to some
But not all

Costs more for some than others
Articulates, legislates, discriminates
Fair or foul, white or dark
Peoples react differently
4/16/2017 3:41:07 PM


The man he waits in line with the rest,
Clothes dirty and face unshaven.
But the food smells sweet from where he stands,
Steam rising from the mounds of potatoes
Like puffs coming from a snow covered volcano.

People behind the steaming food serve,
As if their lives depend on it.
They have come out of a kindness few
Shall ever hope to have in their hearts,
But everyone would like to believe is theirs.

The man with the unshaven face takes his share,
Smiles and nods in a thank you.
Servers smile back with a knowing
That their sacrifice is worth the time.
Their surrender is all that matters in this life.
4/15/2017 11:43:16 AM

Tammy L Currier

on fat happy buddha’s
bended knees
I place my wishes
some right, some left
and hope they don’t vanish
mere will o’ wisps of incense smoke
4/12/2017 9:30:12 PM

Susan Rebecca Teller
4/12/2017 8:09:20 PM

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