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the winds we ride

13 April, 2017: the winds we ride


by J.E. Stanley
the winds we ride
            for and from d.a. levy
in this sad cleveland
that gave you nothing,
took everything,
“through the endless
days of rain and fire”
we gather, still,
to voice your words.
we shout to the sky
and universe within
that energy equals
times the speed of light
let others embrace
convenient delusions,
follow savage voices
into the alone night.
we will scream to the sun
that civilized evil
is evil nonetheless
and we do not bow
to the hollow-point myth
of the machine savior.
the tombstone,
you once said,
is a lonely charm,
but know this:
the days unborn are here,
your sisters are here,
your brothers are here
and armed,
your dreams
the wind
that we ride.
“the winds we ride” by J.E. Stanley, from the Deep Cleveland Junkmail Oracle (Deep Cleveland Press), reprinted in Dark Intervals (vanZeno Press), 2005. Used by permission of the author.
J.E. Stanley is an accountant and ex-guitarist from the grayscale suburban wilderness of Northeastern Ohio. He continues to assert that, winged or not, humankind was always meant to fly; the moon and stars were created as incentives. His latest short collections are Rapid Eye Movement (Crisis Chronicles Press), Selected Regions of the Moon (NightBallet Press) and The Persistence of Night (Poet’s Haven Author Series).


Try the Bop poem, invented by poet Afaa Michael Weaver. It has three stanzas; each stanza is followed by the same one-line refrain. Stanza one (six lines long) states a problem, stanza two (eight lines) “expands or explores” the problem and stanza three (six lines) solves the problem or shows how the problem was not solved.

N. K. Hasen
All He Wanted Was Money

He sat outside the shop
His back against the glass
Looking out as people walked pass
With hardly a glance in his direction
Not even for the sign
Which hung snuggly around his neck

All he wanted was money to start and work again.

Hard times have brought him
To his rock bottom fate
Job loss to the point
His wife threw him on the street
Only solace a violin in a case
Kept hope still burning within
As he sat and waited for the proper time
Watching the bustling crowds walk pass

All he wanted was money to start and work again.

He brought out volin from its case
Brought it to his chin with such careful grace
Closed his eyes as the bow found the chords
Sweet music filled the busy street
People stopped enchanted by what they heard
Few dropped a few dollars worth, for

All he wanted was money to start and work again.
4/21/2017 9:55:53 PM

Chantelle Brady

Homework, work, chores, cleanliness, sleep
all these things I have to do
but not enough time to do them all
I need to go to class and be involved on campus
and when dating is factored in
what is free time?

Time, time ... who has time?

What does it mean to have free time?
to be able to read for fun
to watch catch up on some netflix
If I focus on one thing
another is ignored
how can I be everything
that the world wants me to be?
who can do it all?

Time, time ... who has time?

I must choose where to
allocate my time and energy
I don't want to overextend myself
I must choose the most important
things to me and schedule my
time to include fun and relaxation.
4/20/2017 2:37:08 PM

A Mess

Garbage strewn all about, the wind

It carries it to and fro.

A passerby seem not to notice

And children just look away.

It makes the place look bleak and stink.

Not a very pretty sight to see.

Take care of the community.

Paper and cans mix with more.

The trash bins over flow.

Recycling bins are full as well.

Animals are confused by the scene.

Birds, rabbits, squirrels and moles

See the mess that’s made.

Walk around looking for some grass

And a nice place to rest and be.

Take care of the community.

Pick up this mess, one and all.

Get together, make things right.

Now the birds and squirrels,

Can enjoy this time and space.

And enjoy this land of ours.

Land of the free.

Take care of the community.
4/17/2017 9:20:36 AM

what can he be?
unfulfilled or expected
fulfill the promise
settle for average
live for others
define a path

what can he be?
take action
legislate time and talent
share with others
to make them better
build a world
make a difference
while bettering he

what can he be?
time to decide
a or b, or is there sea
of difference to navigate
concentrate on who
he wants to be
4/16/2017 3:52:37 PM

Susan Rebecca Teller
Makes me wonder when those at the top will have the lightbulb go off in their brains.
4/14/2017 9:35:56 AM

J.E. Stanley
from the deep cleveland press chapbook "Dissonance," with the deepest thanks to markk.
4/14/2017 7:57:39 AM

Michael Vandas
Very good poem.
4/13/2017 10:36:32 AM

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