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25 April, 2018


by Jim Lang


instrument of sing
& swallow—toss off a throw
out in inside out—

“Throat” by Jim Lang, from 2015 Hessler Street Fair Poetry Anthology. Crisis Chronicles Press 2015. Used by permission of the publisher and by the family of the author.
Jim Lang was a poet/editor/photographer/artist/docent/witness/engager of the Cleveland poetry scene for some 40 years, along with serving an impressionable stint at Coach House Press in Toronto in the ‘70s. Lang published in newspapers, magazines and small press books such as The Cleveland Press, The Globe & Mail, Split City, ADZ Magazine, Artcrimes and Coventry Reader. Poet Ben Guylas writes, “Jim is yet a fresh poem handed down, a postcard from the living, and though he slipped from corpus to moonlight in January 2016, his resonance still echoes and springs forth, a sunflower from an acorn, direct from the common well.”


Cleveland poet Russell Atkins describes a backyard that “has hold/ of the throats/ of trees.” Write a poem that personifies your backyard, or the backyard of someone you know, during a particular season of the year.

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