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Emma (LaGrange) Gr.4-8  |  Hazel (Berea) Gr. K-3  | Carole (Parma) Adult  |  Dale (Middleburg Hts.) Gr. K-3 | Cassandra (Avon) Gr.4-8
      Emily (Middleburg Hts.) Gr. K-3   |  Maggie (Brook Park) Gr. K-3  |  Paige (Lorain) Gr.4-8 | Gabe (North Ridgeville) Gr.4-8    

  A Lovely Day

Hello sun, Hello sky,
all these colors are flying by,
orange, yellow, green, blue, red, white, and purple too.
Sunflowers and ferns of all shapes and sizes.
This world is full of surprises.
What a lovely unicorn day and while you're here let's go play.

Emma B, LaGrange (Grades 4-8)     

The Magical Horse

Once upon a time, long long ago, there was a unicorn. Her name was Nightlight.

She thought she was just a regular horse, but she was really a unicorn. All the other regular horses just laughed and laughed at her horn. Then she got really mad.

One day a unicorn with great power appeared. She told Nightlight that she, too, was a unicorn. Nightlight was so surprised! The unicorn taught her how to use her horn’s magic.

From that day on she traveled around. Wherever she went everyone was happy to see her.

Hazel W, Berea (Grades K-3)      

The Yellow Horse

How freeing, Horse,
that you be yellow not brown!
How wondrous your course
Leading us out from the town

To a sparkling, be-speckled,
world, Horse, perhaps green,
perhaps gleaming or freckled,
perhaps turned upside-down.

Carole M, Parma (Adult)    

The Legend of the Unicorn Games

Once upon a time, there was a unicorn named Trixie that had many unicorn friends. She loved playing Unicorn Race with them, but most of all, she loved the Unicorn Games!! Trixie liked the unicorn who was the world champion of the unicorn games. A few years later Trixy would become a world champion herself.

Trixie's friends were on her team too. “Are you ready for the most dangerous games of all?” the announcer asked. “On this side we have the Cuticorns and on this side we have the Evilcorns.’’

Pixy takes the ball and passes it to Trixie. Trixie makes the goal- the Cuticorns get a point! Devil takes the ball and makes the goal! One point for the Evilcorns “Come on Pixy! We can win,”Trixie said.

”But how Trixy? They have the good players,” Pixy whined.

“One more point! We can win,” Trixie replied. ’’Let’s go!” Pixy takes the ball and passes it to Trixie. Next Dan takes the ball and throws it to Devil but Trixie takes the ball and scores!!  The Cuticorns win!!

“Good game!” all the unicorns shouted.

Dale B, Middleburg Hts.  (Grades K-3)   

The Story of the Unicorn

It all started when a yellow horse got married to a blue narwhal in a garden. There were daisies, violets, roses, and so much more. When the yellow horse had ten little baby horses, they all looked like yellow horses, but they all had horns on their heads. Strange, right?

Even more strange, they all had magic. Probably from this strange plant that the yellow horse ate. Because she married a sea creature, the baby horses could breathe under water. The mommy yellow horse decided to call her babies unicorns. She did this because uni means one and the baby horses had one horn, and she chose corn because she had just heard a bird say the word.

The baby horses are not babies anymore, and they changed their color to white over the years. The yellow horse grew downcast because her baby horses were grown, and she was too aged to move. The yellow horse perished on May 10, 1900. The unicorns were heart broken and scattered around the universe because their brothers and sisters reminded them of their mother.

Their father died on April 4, 1900. The unicorns grieved and cried out loud. The unicorns never wanted to see each other again. They
promised themselves they would never mate. One of the unicorns got killed by a buffalo on February 14,1920. That is one reason why we have Valentine's Day, because that unicorn loved and protected his family. When the other unicorns heard about this, they all decided to come back together.

They all died at a terrible fire. Their magic was to weak to fight it off. It became too big, but their magic could save the other helpless animals. They saved over 500,000 different kinds of animals. In all, they saved over one million animals. If the unicorns never came back to be a family, we would not have a lot of our animals today.

Cassandra L, Avon (Grades 4-8)     

Unicorn with a Magic Horn

Once upon a time there was a unicorn, who lived in a beautiful forest growing flowers.She had lived there ever since she was 1 year old. Her name was Flora and she loved it because it was her aunt’s name. Flora had the biggest horn out of all the unicorns in the entire forest. But she did not know that her horn was magical.

One day she went running to her mom to ask if she wanted to play tag but … suddenly her mom screamed,”AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! What happened to your horn?”

“I don't know?” Flora cried! But then they thought and thought about what was happening to Flora.

“Oh” her mom said.”So what did you want to ask me earlier?”
“I was going to ask, do you want to play tag?”
“So then that means whenever you want to play your horn lights up.”
“Well I’m going to go play with my friends now okay mom?”
“Okay sweetie. Be back for dinner!”
“Okay mom.”

So then Flora started off to play with her friends. When Flora found her friends she asked if they wanted to play tag.

“Sure, why not?” said her friends Jordan,Wyatt,Samantha and Josh. So then they started to play tag. Suddenly, Flora’s horn started to glow because she was playing.

“What happened to your horn?”asked Josh. “Your’s... it’s... it’s awesome!”
“Really?”asked Flora.
“Yeah!”said Josh.
“I thought you guys would run away because you are afraid.”
“No it’s amazing!”shouted Samantha.
“Well thanks! Okay let’s play.”
“Okay” they agreed.

Then Flora asked if they wanted to come to her house and eat dinner. “Yeah!” Said her friends.So they all went laughing to Flora’s house. So they lived happily ever after.

Emily B, Middleburg Hts. (Grades K-3)                

The Lost Unicorn

One day long ago, a baby unicorn was born. The unicorn’s name was Starlight and she was incredible. Her mom’s name was Sunlight. Starlight and Sunlight were very close and they stuck together. Sunlight was always so proud of Starlight because she was so sweet and friendly. They lived on the side of the magic forest where no one else lives but them.

One day when Starlight was older, she wandered away! She wandered away because she thought she saw a little girl. When she saw the little girl she knew that the girl could be a great friend. Starlight really wanted a friend. Then Starlight realized that the little girl really wasn’t there, she was just imagining the little girl. So she headed back home, but went the wrong way.

Later, she walked into the other half of the forest and realized she was going the wrong way. Then she turned to the left and was still going the wrong way. After a while of walking, she saw some light and noticed that it was the end of the forest. Then Starlight walked out of the forest, and walked into a field. She said to herself, “Am I almost home?”

Soon she walked out of the field and found herself in a strange place. She started to cry. Starlight missed her mom and wanted to go home. The thing is, she didn’t know how to get home. Everywhere she went was wrong and she thought, “Am I ever going to get home?” She was scared, sad, and worried. She thought, “I never should’ve wandered away.”  Once she thought that she never should’ve wandered away, she closed her eyes and thought of her mom. She started to cry again.

Then she opened her eyes and her mom was right there! Starlight was so excited to see her mom and her mom was so amazed to see Starlight. Then Starlight said, “How did I get home?”

“I found you when I went looking for you, and brought you back with my magic,” said Sunlight.

“I’m so happy to see you!” they both said.

Starlight said, “I’m never wandering away again.” And she never did.

Maggie F, Brook Park (Grades K-3)            

A Magical Friendship

Their once was a unicorn named Majestic. She had a dark blue shimmery mane and she was a beautiful yellow color.  I can say that she was the most elegant unicorn I have ever seen. She was very lonely. Nobody wanted to be friends with her. Majestic is very loving, kind, and playful. So it surprised me nobody wanted to be friends with her. This is where her story begins.

She was walking in a field of bright green grass when she saw three unicorns pass by. So Majestic went over there and said, "hi, my name is Majestic. What are your names?"

"Our names are Gwen, Len, and Jenn ," the three unicorns said.

"So do you guys want to be friends?" said Majestic.

"No! We have our own friends. Who would want to be friends with you," said Gwen, Len, and Jenn.

"Ok," said Majestic. Then she ran off in tears to a big blue pond. She looked at her reflection in the water. Why doesn't anybody want to be friends with me, Majestic thought? I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Majestic went out deep into the woods and started running around and playing. It’s not as much fun by myself, Majestic thought. It was getting dark so Majestic was scared. She couldn't see well. So she went by a tree and laid down and went to sleep.

You’re probably thinking that a unicorn should live in a fairyland. But not Majestic. She lived like any other horse.

Ok let me get back to my story now.

The sun was out and the birds were chirping. Then Majestic woke up. "It's such a beautiful day out," Majestic said. She started walking out of the woods then she thought of an idea. If Gwen, Len, and Jenn don't want to be my friend’s maybe I can find some other friends. So she went back into the woods and started looking around. Then she saw some birds sitting on a branch. She said, "hi, I'm Majestic. Would you guys want to be friends?"

"Hi, these are my friends Harmony, and Melody and I'm Kennedy. We would love to be friends with you."

"That would be great!" said Majestic.

"We always like to have new friends," said Harmony, Melody, and Kennedy. Majestic played with her new friends every day. They all became great friends.

Gwen, Len, and Jenn were walking in the woods when they saw Majestic playing with Harmony, Melody, and Kennedy. "They look like their having so much fun" said Gwen.
"Yeah," said Len and Jenn.
"Let's go over and talk to them," said Gwen, Len, and Jenn. They walked over toward Majestic and said, "We're so sorry Majestic. We thought wrong about you. Will you forgive us?"

"Of course I will,” said Majestic.

"Can we all be friends," said Gwen, Len, and Jenn.

"That would be wonderful!" said Majestic, Harmony, Melody, and Kennedy.

Every day those friends played together. They became great friends. They all lived happily ever after.

Paige B, Lorain (Grades 4-8) 

The Race Horse

There I stood, among the other horses, gracefully trotting along the river. The Lily was what my friends and I had named it, for it had many cool pools of clear water; these pools were full of lilies, and I enjoyed to wade through them. There were many waterfalls, but none could match the great Kira waterfall; it was dangerous, yet it was still beautiful. There I sat, gazing off into the distant waterfall when I was interrupted by the sound of a horse sprinting through the woods; however, I was confused, and rightly so. We were walking north, towards the fields, but the black stallion was running south.

"Silly horse," I thought. I kept walking down the stone pathway, but another horse came sprinting south, and another. By this time I was fairly confused, but I kept walking down the path. More and more horses ran by me, and I considered turning back. At that moment I saw the cause of the commotion. Nearly ten two leggeds were running towards me with long metal sticks. I turned around and galloped towards the other horses that were dashing away. I felt a sting in my back, but I kept on running.

"The yellow and black flies can't bother me now," I thought, but I started to get tired, very tired. I didn't understand, for I had only ran about forty body lengths. I got so exhausted that I just slumped to the ground and fell asleep. I awoke in a dark room with small holes on the sides. I lifted myself off the ground and looked out of the hole. All the trees and rocks were flying past me as if I was sprinting very very fast. I kept my head there and saw a whole variety of peculiar things. I saw big metal boxes with circles on the bottoms of them, and I even saw two leggeds in these metal boxes which seemed to stay still, unlike the rocks and trees. Every once in a while a metal box would run faster than me and would go ahead of me. I soon got bored of the metal boxes, and I fell back to the floor and went to sleep. I woke up when a two legged tapped me on the shoulder, the two legged had a rope around my neck and took me into a wooden box, and this one had hay and water. I sat down and the two legged took the rope off of me. I reached over to taste some of the water that was in a shiny metal bowl.

"What is with these two leggeds and metal?" I thought. I got up and looked through a crack in the wall of my room. I saw a beautiful white horse that gracefully sat down and took a drink. I chewed some hay, for I was very hungry from all the running I did. The next day the two legged that had put me in my room put another rope on me and led me to a big area of grass. There were many two leggeds there, and the two legged that took me to the grass area made some noise. A two legged with hair on his face and his head, unlike most two leggeds made some noise. Another two legged made some noise, this one had a very brightly colored piece of cloth on him. The two legged that had brought him there made some noise and handed my rope to the two legged with the bright cloth. The two legged took me to another metal box and put me inside. The two legged went to a different part of the metal box and hopped inside. The metal box was very warm and I felt comfortable, for there weren't any flies in the box. I sat there until I stopped moving and the two legged opened the metal box again and let me out. I still had the rope around my neck and the two legged grabbed it. He led me to a big circle and put a comfy thing on my back. The two legged got on me and put its two legs into my side. I ran as fast as I could, trying to knock the two legged off, but it didn't work. I did this many times until the two legged jumped off me and put the rope back on me. The two legged put me back in the metal box and we started moving again. After what felt like a long time we stopped. The two legged opened the metal box and took me to another wooden box. The two legged took the rope off of me and closed the wooden box. It was a very big wooden box. I soon fell asleep on the comfortable hay. When I woke up the two legged took me back to the circle and made me run again. The two legged took me back to the wooden box and we did this every day for a long time.

*** Three Months Later ***

The two legged took me into the metal box again, but this time the two legged put something on its head. When we got to the circle it was filled with two leggeds! My two legged took me to a certain place on the circle where there were other horses with two leggeds on them. My two legged put the comfy thing on me. The two legged climbed onto me and sat on me. There was a loud noise and the two legged put its two legs into my side again! I ran as fast as I could, and the other horses ran too. I was running faster than them and eventually the two legged stopped putting its two legs into my side, and I stopped. The two legged took me to a wooden box and closed it. After a long time the two legged came back and put the rope around me. The two legged took me to the metal box and we moved for a very long time. When we stopped we weren't at the usual place that the two legged put me. We were at a river. It had pools of clear water with lilies in them. The two legged took the rope off of me and put its leg into my side, but the two legged wasn't on me. I instinctively ran, and I realized as I ran that this was The Lily. I turned around and ran to my two legged, but my two legged was in the metal box and was moving. I chased the metal box and eventually caught up with it. My two legged didn't see me, but I kept running. I kept running until the two legged stopped the metal box and got out of it.

There I stood, right in front of my two legged, and my two legged put its arms around me.

Gabe G, North Ridgeville (Grades 4-8)