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Valentina (Fairlawn) Adult |Robert (Parma Hts.) Adult |Emma (LaGrange) Gr.4-8 |Valerie (Cleveland) Adult |Maddie (Middleburg Hts.) Gr.K-3  

untitled haiku

hummingbird flutters
near a feeder
a stranger's grandchild

Valentina R, Fairlawn (Adult)  


Searching for food and shelter. This bird appears to have been released from its home at an early age. People can help other people where as in the animal kingdom animals must fend for themselves. There are many ways that we can help, other than monetary gifts. The many volunteers in the world are helping every day. Think about donating time and love to the less fortunate.

Robert S, Parma Heights (Adult) 

Happy Hummingbird

Do you hear that hum coming from high in the sky?
                         Well it is Zuma flying by ,she is hungry and would like a bite to eat.
She sees a flower quite delicious, a delicacy to a hummingbird like her.
Zuma is blue and green a very pretty hummingbird.
Let's go find her!


        Hi Zuma. Hello! We want to know if you will play with us.
"Sure" Zuma said .
             And they had a great day.

Emma B, LaGrange (Grades 4-8) 

Soundless Flight

The beat pulses
Beneath my chest
Up my spine
Through my veins
A second heart
A pair of wings
Rhythms caress
And cradle me
Supersonic clarity
Breathes into my lungs
Inhale. Exhale.
Eyes wide closed
Arms wide open
I soar into
A new dimension

Valerie G, Cleveland (Adult)      

The Bird and Her Blanket

Once upon a time there was a Blue-Jay named Sky. Every day she would visit a garden.The garden’s flowers were so beautiful you could smell rainbow ice-cream cake from their scent. On a sunny day she found a blanket at the garden. She loved the blanket so much she would take it everywhere.

One windy night Sky went to bed and the blanket blew away. The next morning she woke up and the blanket was not anywhere to be seen. The Blue-Jay went back to the garden.

She tried and tried to find the blanket but it just had seemed like she would never ever find it. She was so sad. It got dark out so she went to bed. That night she could not sleep because the pebbles on the ground hurt her back. She wished she had her soft blanket because the softness on the blanket would make her back feel better.

The next morning on her way to get breakfast she found her blanket. It was hanging on a flagpole. She had gotten so excited. Sky took it back to her nest. So Sky and her blanky lived happily ever after.

Maddie B, Middleburg Heights (Grades K-3)