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Although Polka Dot and Hearts look different, they have learned to coexist peacefully. They share their food, and a barn and through the years – a place in each others heart. We can learn from them that unity is easier than competition because even in the midst of the race, we are still moving forward together.

Halley H, Cleveland (Adult)       

big and beautiful

Loyal, trustworthy, and strong
they help us get along.
Have you guessed what they are?
Horses of course, so beautiful and big.
You don't even notice the dog in the corner.

Emma B, LaGrange (Grades 4-8)      


2 horses and a dog
is a magic time.
meet and greet. play?
the colors tell the story.
peace lives here.
may it be the same for everyone.

Cejea B, Maple Hts. (Adult)     

Two Horses and Their Herd

Once upon a time, there was a blue horse and a brown horse. Can you imagine seeing a blue horse wandering through the forest not being caught?! The horses were worried that they would never see their herd again.

The horses were so worried about seeing their herd again that they ran without noticing a branch and tripped. The horses rolled through a bush. Just then they saw an enormous farm. The horses saw their herd in the barn. The horses joined them and they finally found a place to easily get fed. Also they enjoyed sleeping on grass.

Now the horses and their herd will never be apart from each other again. And they lived happily ever after.

Elisha J, Berea (Grades K-3)

My Own Unicorn

There was once a farm that a farmer, unicorn, a little girl and animals lived on.

The girl always dreamed of a unicorn and wished every night for a unicorn. She always wanted one on her farm. One night she heard a ‘’bang’’ on her roof. She went on the roof and there was a unicorn. Her wish had come true!

The girl took the unicorn to the horse pen and gave it food and water .Then she went back to bed. In the morning when she went to go feed the unicorn again, she saw that it had grown wings! Then the unicorn shouted, “I got my wings!”

The little girl shouted, ‘’You can talk?’’

The unicorn replied, ’’Yes and I need to leave because my herd is in a war with fairies.’’

The girl asked, ‘’Will you visit again?’’

The unicorn said, ‘’For how nice you have been to me, I will repay you.’’ And he flew away.

Then the girl went to feed the other animals like any other day. 

One day after the war with the fairies was over the unicorn came back and visited the girl.

Jove O, Brook Park (Grades K-3)

Making a Difference

Star and Jem were very special horses. Star was blue with white polka dots. She also had a beautiful red mane. Jem was red with hearts that were white and yellow. Also, she had a blue mane.

One day, their owner moved to a new barn. There were many other horses in the barn. Unfortunately, the horses teased them for their appearance. They said some things like this:

“You’re so different!”
“Why would I want to be friends with you two?”
“How did you survive your old barn?”

Star and Jem just thought they were jealous, but that’s the problem… they WERE!

A week later it was April Fool’s Day. The other horses pulled a BIG prank on Star and Jem. First, they made Star and Jem slip on mud. Then the mud made them run into the wheat field. When they got out of the field they tripped on a branch and fell into the pond. All of the horses laughed when they got out… DRENCHED! That day, Star and Jem weren’t seen outside again.

Don't worry the story isn’t over!

Anyways, the next day, their owner got a new dog. The dog heard the other horses talking about Star and Jem.
“Hi, I’m Buster,” said the dog.

Star and Jem were listening.

“Don’t let those mean horses bully you! You’re special. If I were you, I would be myself. Then they would start liking you!” said the dog.

Now Star and Jem knew what to do. Two days passed when one of the other horses got into trouble. He was lost in the corn field. When Star and Jem saw that he was lost, they ran outside.

“Yea right! Like YOU’RE going to save him! You haven't even been in a cornfield!” said a horse.

But they had. They ignored him and ran into the corn field.

“Help!” called a voice. Star and Jem followed it.

Later, Star and Jem came out with the horse. After that, everyone became friends.

     Moral: Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Emma E, Middleburg Hts. (Grades K-3) 

Courage Leads to Fearless

As I crawled down under the broken wood, and through the cracked floor I knew there was something special about this rescue. I looked into her bright blue eyes, and reached my hand out to her. She slowly came forward to smell my hand but then backed off. I didn't want to frighten her so I went to get help. Our rescue trailer came and parked in back of the house. Then me and three others coaxed her into the trailer.
She seemed very scared but listened to us anyway. I was in tears as we drove her to the rescue barn. She had cuts, bruises, gashes, and most of her hair ripped out. Someone had mistreated her so close to death. I remember seeing her ribs through her skin and witnessing blood come from all over her body. This was Courage, a brown and white paint horse that we rescued two years ago, and I'm Elizabeth, a horse rescuer and lover.
This is the story of Courage's revival. When we rescued this horse she was in a dying condition and we thought she would have to be put down. Instead we tried to help her for a couple weeks. Surprisingly, she gained her health back very quickly. The doctors were amazed with Courage's recovery. Courage seemed like a new horse! She was very beautiful, and if you saw her you would think she was always treated with the best of care.
Sadly even though her body was in perfect condition, Courage just didn't seem happy. We tried everything we could think of to bring
her spirits up, but it just didn't work. So we finally gave up trying to help. Days and days went by and Courage stayed the same.
"I thought there was something special about her, I told my friend, she looked so brave."
I thought of trying her in showmanship, but then decided against it. Courage will just be another task to bear, I thought one day.  Later that day, our rescue barn owner asked me to take Courage on a afternoon walk. I agreed and started off by walking in the paddock around some other horses. We walked through the gate and past a couple others. That is when the miracle started to happen... As Courage was trotting across the paddock she came to a complete stop, all of the sudden. I tapped her and she didn't budge, instead she let out a cry of happiness, or at least that's what I heard.
She was looking at a young horse named Fearless and they started running side by side. My face broke out in a huge smile for I knew Courage was healed. There was a natural connection between them ever since they saw one another. They were best friends from the start. Courage was happier than I've ever seen her now that she had a friend. She and Fearless were a perfect match.
This story shows just how powerful friendship can be. You've got to be fearless to have courage and have courage to be fearless.

Mackenzie B, Lorain (Grades 4-8) 

The Friendship of Horses

Once there were two horses named Coco and Page. They wandered into the woods and forgot they weren't allowed to go that far. Page accidently touched polka-dot ivy! She turned blue with white polka-dots! She stomped her hooves and said, ”I want to be normal again!”

Now all hope to save Coco’s friend, Page, was not lost, for there was a dog that could do anything. The horses went on an hour long walk and found the dog. After awhile they became friends, and the dog said, “My name is Lilly.” They played and played all day until they heard someone calling their names. The horses said, “ We have to go.”

Lilly turned Page back to normal with her powers. “OH NO! My powers are gone!”

“Wait!”said Page, “I don't know how, but I have your powers!”

“It may be because I turned you back to normal. I may have given my powers to you. There is a flower that can make my powers come back to me and it's called ueta pclath. But it is found only in the forest of lorla and it is so so dangerous, anyone who goes in never comes out. My powers are not powerful enough to beat lorla she…”


Lilly said “ yes yes it's a girl so surprising but she's...”  "She's what?" said Page.

"She's my sister.I haven't been in there for ages,"said Lilly.

“Ooooooooooh I think I know that place forest lorla with all those graveyards.” said Coco. “Now hold on. I’m going to..."

“I’m going to call my sister to teleport us there for us. HOLD ON!" said Lilly.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" screamed Coco and Page.
“Ok were here. There my sister.  Two things I need to ask you.  One.  Could we have a ueta pclath? And why did you hide in the forest and never came out for anything?" said Lilly.
“One. Here you go. And two. It's 'cause all my friends made fun of my name and said 'ah ah your name sounds like a boy name,' even though I’m a girl!”

“Ohhh, I never knew you felt like that and no one ever made fun of your name. Well we have to have a talk when I get my powers back. Now I’m going to smash the flower and make it a drink and drink it and I will get my powers back. jujujujujujujuju ah YA! I have my powers back.  We have to go home."

And Coco and Page got lost and they screamed for Lilly. “Lilly! the horses!” they screamed.
Then Lilly found them and she walked them home then she said “Come back and play again soon.”
And the horses said, “We will.”

Zoe C, Berea (Grades K-3)