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  Malak (Brook Park) Gr.K-3 | Petr (Berea) Gr.K-3 | Valerie (Cleveland) Adult  | Nathan (Brook Park) Gr.K-3 | Vicky (Maple Hts.) Adult  
The Dogs and the Cat

One day two dogs were sniffing flowers. The female was named Rose. She was purple and she was 4 years old. The male was named Brian. He was blue and five years old. They were best friends.

Five minutes later, a cat named Glenda came by. She was also five years old, but older than Brian. She asked, ”What are you guys doing?”

They both said at the same time, ”We are just sniffing flowers.”

“Do you want to play tag instead of sniffing the flowers?”

The dogs said,”Yes!”

They all agreed that the oldest should go first. So that means Glenda’s “it”. They played for an extremely long time and lived happily ever after.

Malak H, Brook Park (Grades K-3) 

Animals and Meadows

Once upon a time, there was a blue dog, a brown dog, and a brown cat. They loved the outdoors. In fact, they went out every day.
While they were out in the meadows, they looked at the clouds to see the shapes. After they were done, they went to catch fish, but did not catch any. They enjoyed the meadows so much! They loved chasing butterflies and squirrels.

The dogs said, ”Woof woof woof woof.”

The cat found a keyboard and played Keyboard Cat over and over again.

When they stopped playing they saw people!! (They are scared of people.) The animals ran and ran until they ran right into the city pound! The cat climbed a tree and the dogs dug a hole right into a mine, so a miner got them out. Some firefighters had to get the cat from the tree.  Then the animals went back to the meadows and captured a criminal the cops were looking for. Then the animals became S.W.P. — Super Wonder Pets!

Petr K, Berea (Grades K-3)  

Eulogy for Amos

One day late summer last year
A kitten appeared at our door.
He was lacking in fear,
A small, sweet little dear,
And he melted our hearts to the core.

We brainstormed up names for weeks
Until we finally came upon Amos.
Please don't call us freaks
We're just Bible geeks
If he were a man, he'd be famous.

His fur was painted light peach
His ears were tall and erect.
Fun was always in reach,
Though our rules he would breach,
And quite often our sanity wrecked.

He was born a true hunter, with speed,
To Baby's and Daisy's dismay.
They could not be freed,
Although they would plead,
But his intention was merely to play.

He used to beg for affection
In his moments of sweetness.
There was no rejection
Of love and protection
When we knew that both gave him completeness.

Valerie G, Cleveland (Adult)   

Pets Can Come from a Long Way

Once upon a time, in the world as we know it, there was a gang of animals that lived in an alley. Most of the gang was dogs, but there were some cats.

One night, a very bad storm came. There was thunder, lightning, rain, strong winds, and a tornado! The tree behind the alley fell down, broke the wooden fence, and caused the animal gang to go out on the streets.

After wandering around on the streets for awhile, a truck came. It slammed on the brakes right… in front of… the gang. It was the animal warden heading back to the shelter from a rescue! [halleluiah!] A woman came out of the truck. “And just where did all you come from!?!?” the woman said in a light voice. “Well my name is Audrey.”

The gang was silent for a moment, then the dogs began to growl and the cats hissed so she would not pick them up. The woman tried to let the animals jump into the truck by themselves. But, they wouldn’t. So the woman gave them treats and said, “There are more treats, food, milk, and water inside the van. There are also toys and other animals to talk to.”

The animals finished up their treats and happily jumped into the van. Seeing the woman wasn’t lying, they got more comfortable around her.

After about half an hour, they arrived at the Animal Shelter. It was very late and the gang was very tired. All the other animals already at the shelter were already asleep, so the gang just fell asleep on the floor. But while they were sleeping, the building caught fire! All the animals made it out except for one cat and one dog. All of the humans made it out, too, and the warden said, “I’m going in for them” in a serious voice.

Later she came out with the animals and everyone was wondering how she got out. The rescued animals were very grateful, so grateful that they purred and licked her. She adopted the one cat and one dog that she rescued.

“How did you make it out?” asked the crowd.

The woman sighed. “It was hard to go into the fire, but an easy choice to make,” the woman said with a smile.

The End!

[Hey, did I ever tell you that two dogs in the gang were a mother and father and a puppy was in the gang? No? Oh, well, that’s true, hehe… and did I tell you that the woman adopted the puppy, too? Still no!?!? Wow! well that’s true, too!] [sorry for the inconvenience.]

Nathan W, Brook Park (Grades K-3) 


The life went out of her as she lie still on the vets table. Each of us had our hand on her and softly our voices tried to reassure her and our selves as she looked trustingly at us with her large golden eyes. This was the day we had to euthanize our beloved Tigger. She was part of our family for 15 years and traveled with us on our life journey as surely as our children grew up. I can't forget this day. As much as I could never leave her alone at this time, I surely wanted to run from this terribly painful act.

The logical sensible half of me rationalizes that; her diagnosis of cancer, the recurrent tumors which now interfered with her bowels and urinary tract, required this action. Yet the emotional side of yells, YOU Killed your Cat !!!

Yes, she was at peace, yes she had no more pain, but it was so fast it was too fast and so final. She was there looking as us, trusting us, waiting for us and in a microsecond the life went out of her...these words seem inadequate to describe the suddenness and finality of this.

Karen our youngest had begged for at least a year for a kitten after our family dog had been put to sleep. I had refused over and over not wanting to go through that pain again. Finally she made me go to her friends house who had just gotten a kitten. Look Mom see how beautiful she is.

Yes, she sure was.... I was hooked.

It was the middle of Feb and I called several pet stores, no kittens, was there a run on kittens?  Even the APL had run out of kittens.
We drove over 20 miles to reach a pet store that still had kittens. Karen fairly flew out of the car and into the store. Before anyone could help she reached into the cage and pulled out Tigger. She was a large tabby with beautiful striped markings interlaced with white on her chest, paws and face. And beautiful golden eyes. A miniature classic tiger.

Tigger began to teach me and all of us with her love and grace. She used her sharp thin nails to crawl up everything, from curtains to pant legs. She let Karen do everything to her. Tigger let Karen put her into a doll carriage and dress her in doll clothes. Karen began to do everything cat, pictures, stories, books ,clothes all cat. Karen was her personal human. They shared life and communication in a special way. Tigger would come to the rest of us only on her own terms and in her own time.

It was because of Tigger and her love of us that we adopted a second cat Sylvester, a black and white domestic cat. I actually picked up a stray, a beautiful calico we called Pookie. Pookie was abandoned behind a local restaurant, dirty and sick. Both cats are loving and friendly. They bring much joy into all our lives.

I would have never learned of such love and such relationships if it had not been for our beloved Tigger. In more recent years she has spent more and more time alone in the basement pantry her favorite napping spot. She walked slowly now staying to the edges of the room, coming out only to eat.

So I can bear the pain of her death I am trying to forgive myself for doing this to her and for her. I will never regret one minute of bringing her into our lives. Though I know I must prepare myself to face this pain again in the future when our Sylvester and Pookie come to the end of their days.

I would hope that because of the time Tigger spent with us that we are far better at being human than we were before.

Vicky C, Maple Heights (Adult)