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Trans-Conscious Express

Reading is my travel
To worlds I've never known
Writing is my invitation
To worlds of all my own.

Valerie G, Cleveland (Adult)      x


many think the fish
has nothing to do with us,
so deep in the water,
but we need each other
like the fish needs the water.

so do we.

Cecilia R, Maple Hts. (Adult)  


You glide through
Cool places
Deep places
Dark places
Almost always
Safe places



Where is your other?

Mark R, Cleveland (Adult)   

Bob the Fish

Once upon a time there was a lonely fish named Bob. He was a grouper. One day he went looking for his friend Chester, but he didn't find him, so he went to almost every place in the ocean...but he still found no sign of Chester.

The next morning he saw something glorious. He saw Chester laying at the bottom of the ocean, sleeping. Bob woke him up and said, ”Let's go find some prey.”

They swam around the ocean, and in the end they ended up with a couple little fish, and they ate them.

The next morning, they stayed together the whole day because Bob was worried Chester would float away again like he did when he found him at the bottom of the ocean. Then finally they went to bed.

The following day, Bob went to get prey and Chester stayed home. Bob brought back what he always brought back, a couple of fish. They ate the fish and went to bed.

The next day they both went to get prey, but while they were going back home they saw a shark! Once they saw the shark they swam as fast as they could back home, but the shark swam faster. ”Chomp!” The shark just missed them!

They got home and ate everything edible they could find because they had not eaten anything the whole day. They didn't even have leftover fish for tomorrow. Finally they went to bed and lived happily ever after.

Leonidas L, Middleburg Hts.  (Grades K-3)