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16 May, 2017: Mary Quade

Mary Quade is the author of the poetry collections Guide to Native Beasts (Cleveland State University Poetry Center) and Local Extinctions (Gold Wake). She has received an Oregon Literary Fellowship and three Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Awards in both poetry and prose. She is an Associate Professor of English at Hiram College, where she teaches creative writing, and lives in Madison, Ohio.

1. “An Episode of Moose” from Guide to Native Beasts (Cleveland State U Poetry Center, 2003)

2. “Air Show: F-16s Above Cleveland” (as above)

3. “Hammer” (as above)

4. “The Fifth of July” (as above)

5. “Egg” from Local Extinctions (Gold Wake Press, 2016)

6. “Birthday Party Magician” (as above)

7. “Mole” (as above)

8. “Homage to Small Hurts” (as above)

9. “Rickey Henderson Breaks the Record for Stolen Bases in a Season, Milwaukee, 1982” (as above)

10. “Cow Puppet” (as above)